Boyhood pranks can sometimes last a lifetime

In the 1950’s, as rubbled landscapes of Britain were cleared for new towns to grow out of the devastation, those post war years formed an exciting playground back drop where life for kids became a continuous adventure; free to roam and explore the beckoning world as long as they were home before dark.

James Bond’s bike shop, trolley building and scrap yards

Attention all shipping and a mission for ‘ALPHA ONE’

“Oh for heaven’s sake don’t confuse him anymore,” interrupted Gordon, “we’ll be here all day.”

“Okay, okay,” I said. “Trevor, challenge word – Yakidah – response word Marbles.”

Little did we know that it would be the last time we would ever see Clifford.

Bernard Andrew remembers the 1950's through a cavalcade of anecdotes and stories recounting his boyhood, exploits and misadventures unaware that Swansea is an active operating base for a sinister programme of industrial sabotage.


Secrets, sudden death and friends that go missing

“A must have read that transcends all generations, taking you back to a time of childhood innocence, or so I thought before I was engaged in an enthralling tale with darker undertones.” E.M.

“A nostalgic tour of 1950’s, captivating from the first chapter, bringing warm recollections of one’s own childhood and gripping you from the start.” R.D.

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Email Message Quote: Vivienne Smith, Cardiff.

At last I have finished. WELL!!! What an amazing childhood you had. I’ve cried and laughed reading your book but WOW what an explosive ending.

Email Message Quote: Tina Lunn, Bristol.

I have just read Geoff's book and found it an excellent nostalgic read. I think kids miss out on an  awful lot these days. Climbing trees, falling in streams and making soap box carts is what it was all about. Reading the book made me think of many of my own childhood memories and I don't know how Geoff managed to put his in any sort of order.

I would certainly recommend this book for anyone in our age group, or even younger people to see what they are missing.

NB:Originally published by OCTAVO who have now suspended their publishing activities.

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AN UNSUSPECTING SPY -  by Geoffrey B.Lewis  is published by Shedgnome.



I sincerely hope you enjoy the book and if you do you may well ask the same question I have asked myself. When you were growing up, did you think you knew who all your friends really were, or will you, like me, only find out the truth far too late ?

“As I have indicated, I attended Swansea Secondary Technical School down by the docks which, being a former town hall, was very grand, so I have also described this and some of the antics its happy band of unruly pilgrims got up to when they should have been paying closer attention. I believe its content is a reasonable social history of generic boyhood at the time based on my own life experience of growing up. It is also a mystery concerning a friend who disappeared without trace.”

About The Author

career floggin’ mechanical stuff for other people and eventually his own business. “My last official work was producing a 9 part Video/DVD series about cranes and excavators. Still available the series is sold in Europe, Canada and the USA.

The book was an accidental development written over a two year period when I was just jotting down a few note about one off our boyhood escapades that possibly got out of hand. It seemed like a good opportunity to tell you about how different the world was for us kids then, when compared to the environment of today. The result is the schoolboy memoir of An Unsuspecting Spy - written under the pseudonym of Bernard Andrew because things did not end well - and well - when it all leaks out things could could get very sensitive in certain quarters of officialdom, but  that’s between you and me - right?

After a working life far removed from the  literary world, Geoffrey Lewis has turned author in his seventies. Born at an early age in the West Cross district of Swansea in 1943; moving nearer to the centre of things at Brynmill five year later. Main education at Brynmill juniors and then the Secondary Technical school down by the docks leaving home age 16 to take up up an apprenticeship in heavy engineering in the city of Lincoln. Several years spent as a heavy plant and transport mechanic before moving into a busy sales carrere career       

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