In the 1950’s, as rubbled landscapes of Britain were cleared for new towns to grow out of the devastation, those post war years formed an exciting back drop where life for kids became a continuous adventure and they were free to roam and explore the beckoning world as long as they were home before dark.

This is an account of those halcyon days as remembered by ex schoolboy Bernard Andrew; his friendships, misadventures and experiences of growing up in a different more innocent age and how, over half a century after school was over, a chance encounter was to reveal that a sinister undercurrent had been at work beneath the unsuspecting pulse of the town's existence.

He remembers a long forgotten wet and miserable moonless night on the beach and the antics of ‘ALPHA ONE’: a group of three fantasy ‘Special Forces’ school chums. But most of all he remembers what happened afterwards: an unremitting police hunt and his unwitting part in a deception that was to ripple across continents.

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